Half Hour to Health Workshops

Presented by Dr. Michael Norman

Start living the quality of life that you and your family deserve!

Workshops provide the solid foundation for making positive and permanent health changes.

Workshops are also a great way to share chiropractic with your friends and family.

Workshops are Tuesday evenings @ 6:15pm sharp!


Master the skills of Optimal Health for life through our Half Hour to Health Workshops. Our workshops are designed to provide you with the tools to live a long, healthy life and are essential in understanding your Chiropractic care and how to maximize the effectiveness of your healing. Hundreds of patients have used these workshops as a powerful catalyst in making tremendous health changes in their lives. You’ll want to bring your family and friends for these life-changing workshops.

Limited seating available. Please call ahead to reserve your place. All workshops are free to the public and are held right here in our office unless otherwise indicated. All workshops are held on Tuesday evenings, starting promptly at 6:15pm and ending at 6:50pm.


Current Topics




Fundamentals of Vibrant Health:

“The chiropractic story, the truth about who gets sick and who stays well and how to get back to robust health and stay there."

Eating Well and Thinking Well:

“Maintain healthy, life-long brain/mental function and learn the nutritional essentials for optimal health.”


Moving Well and Living Well:

"Learn how bad posture can lead to chronic disease and the crucial postural and flexibility exercises necessary for a strong, life-long, healthy spine and great quality of life."