Chiropractic & Christianity


"I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly."  John 10:10


Dr. Norman's thesis is now available!

   A Christian Understanding of Innate Intelligence & the Philosophy of Chiropractic

Dr. Norman adavances the thesis that the chiropractic philosophical concept of innate intelligence is extremely compatible with a Christian worldview.  By reconciling innate intelligence and the philosophy of chiropractic with a Christian viewpoint, we enhance the Christian patient's much-needed understanding of chiropractic's unique approach to health and healing.  In so doing, a persuasive and rational argument emerges for the widespread acceptance of chiropractic philosophy within the Christian community.


"Dr. Norman does an excellent, in depth job in describing how the chiropractic way of thinking about health and preserving it is a great fit for a Christian worldview.  Interference in the body's communication network is not healthy.  Chiropractic helps restore that."

Bill Decken, D.C., L.C.P.

Philosophy Department Chair, Sherman College of Chiropractic


"Congratulations to Dr. Norman on the fine bit of writing and research in defense of the philosophy of chiropractic and Biblical Christianity.  Dr. Michael Norman is a real chiropractic warrior who has suffered much for his profession.  He has suffered under the most trying circumstances and false accusations that few of the rest of us can imagine.  His story of perseverance, determination, as well as conviction to stand on principle is an inspiration to all of us.  He has given credit to his Lord God for delivering him from all of the assaults that were thrust upon him.  He is proof that regardless of the false accusations which can come our way, it always pays to stand for what we know to be right.  Thank you again Dr. Norman, for the work you are doing for the cause of Christ and chiropractic."

Glenn M. Hultgren, D.C.

Co-founder, Christian Chiropractors Association


"Great job!  One of the best defenses of chiropractic philosophy and religion I have seen."

Eric G. Russell, D.C., DPhCS, FICA

Philosophy Department Chair, Parker University



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