Making Care Affordable


Our Philosophy

In our office, we believe that health is our greatest human asset.  Because of this, you will not find gimmicks, misleading ads, bait and switch tactics or exploitive insurance billing in our practice. You deserve better!  We believe the best relationships in life, both personal and professional, are built upon openness, transparency and honesty.  Our fee structure is unique. Instead of paying for individual visits, you pay an affordable discounted annual or monthly fee that is budget-friendly for your entire family.  This policy provides a two-fold purpose:  The obstacle of finances in the doctor-patient relationship is removed and, it allows me to focus on what is most important...maximizing the health potential for you and your family!

No insurance?

No problem!  We believe corrective chiropractic care should be accessible for every family, so we have created our own cost effective care plans.  

Got insurance?

That's ok too.  We are insurance friendly.  Bring your card to your first appointment and we'll take a copy to verify if your insurance company participates with our office.  We will provide you with a properly coded receipt so you can get reimbursed directly.

We do not participate in HMO's because they greatly limit the quality of care we can provide, and that matters to us.  Instead we have created our own affordable care plans.  In most cases, due to prohibitive in-network deductibles  and unreasonable visit restrictions, our care will be more affordable than in your network.

Why care plans?

Most American's don't have insurance.  The ones that do often find that chiropractic benefits are too limited to cover what their body really needs.

Let's face it.  Insurance companies aren't designed for creating wellness or long term health.  They are part of the sick care system.  And worse yet, often times it seems their financial bottom line matters more than your health.  We won't stand for that. We want families to have regular chiropractic care for life - because people getting adjusted regularly are healthier!  In fact, chiropractic care is the most affordable (and safest) healthcare approach available today, saving families thousands of dollars by avoiding the crisis-oriented, invasive procedures down the road that result from a lifetime of ignoring your health.  We are proud to have created a system that makes long-term family wellness possible.