Services We Offer


Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustments


Our practice is centered around the chiropractic adjustment (for the correction of vertebral subluxation) and the amazing benefits that result from an optimally functioning nervous system.  From newborns to the elderly, we utilize the most effective chiropractic adjusting techniques available to date. (Many chiropractors visit Dr. Norman for their adjustments!).  Our techniques are designed to be very specific and very gentle, allowing your body to correct itself comfortably and in the quickest possible time. During corrective care, our patients also discover a significant reduction in spinal tension and a new-found spinal flexibility that sometimes has been missing for decades. The primary chiropractic techniques that we use are:

  • Torque Release Technique
  • Diversified Technique

In addition to the chiropractic adjustment, we also offer the following services to assist the healing process:

Mirror Image Corrective Exercises

Research has shown this to be the most effective correction of posture available.  Each individual receives a specific, focused strengthening plan for their particular postural challenges.  

Custom-Fit Cervical Pillows

Correct spinal alignment and support during sleep is crucial for the healing process.  Each individual is fitted for their own pillow that supports the curve of their natural spine and allows muscles to fully relax for a restful night sleep.

Pharmaceutical-grade Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplementation is also a crucial part of the healing process and each individual receives nutritional recommendations to assist a rapid recovery.  We offer the proper supplementation developed specifically for exclusive distribution by doctors.  This insures the supplements to be produced of the highest quality, only the finest raw materials are used and all manufacturing is performed under the strictest guidelines.  In other words, pure, high-potency supplements for optimal health.

Customized Foot Orthotics

We find many patients (particularly active competitive athletes) benefit tremendously from individually designed foot orthotics.  Our Gait Cyle System stabilizing orthotics are not just for the feet.  They support the back, knees, hips, ankles and pelvis by providing a balanced foundation for the body. 

Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Panel with Nutritional Consultations

Over 40 specific blood tests, a complete urinalysis and your individual Functional Health Status (best indicator of aging and disease), this customized super panel will be the most comprehensive health assessment you have ever had.  Learn about organ reserve, discover preventable diseases early and learn how to take action for your future health and quality of life.  (Test requires 10-12 hour fast-water only).

Half Hour to Health Workshops

Each Tuesday evening, we offer educational health workshops within our office.  Topics include 'Foundations of Health', 'Eat Well, Move Well & Think Well", along with others.  Each workshop is free and guests are encouraged to attend.

Community Health and Wellness Workshops

We frequently share the Health & Wellness message with various groups in the community.  These talks are offered complimentary and topics could be customized to fit the needs of your group or organization.  We would be happy to schedule an event and assist the health and wellness needs of your group or organization with a talk. Please contact us!