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About Us

Core Values

1.  The Nervous System is the Master Control System

Our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating creations. When functioning correctly, our bodies have an amazing ability to heal and repair! In Chiropractic, we call this “innate intelligence.” We do not have to think about the millions of functions happening every second inside of our bodies. This is all controlled by our nervous system, which is the master control system of our body. When stresses in our lives cause a shift in our spinal column (Vertebral Subluxation), this can interfere with the life current flowing through our nerves to all of the cells in our body. Over time, this leads to dis-ease and sickness. We have one goal in our office: to remove this interference in nerve communication, so that the body will work at optimal potential. Your nervous system is your life-line and chiropractic adjustments stimulate the master control system of the body unlike anything else.

2.  True Healing Takes Time and Repetition

It has been wisely said, the path to healing is always blocked.  Subluxation is a “separation from wholeness.” Therefore, the true meaning of healing is to do the work of becoming whole again. True healing is not always quick and easy and rarely occurs in our quick-fix society’s practice of symptom suppression. In fact, the quick fix typically is the most detrimental to us in the long run, creating great harm to our long-term future health. This is why we have chosen to focus on the correction of root causes, rather than applying a temporary band-aid to symptoms. We specialize in detecting, analyzing and correcting Vertebral Subluxations by providing gentle, specific, scientific and precise adjustments to the nervous system, over time and with repetition, to correct the root cause. For this, you are rewarded with vibrant health for decades to come and the amazing quality of life that only a healthy nervous system can bring.

3.  Education

The word doctor in Latin means “to teach”. We take this seriously in our office and are committed to continually furthering our studies to make the biggest impact on your health. True healing occurs best within a health partnership between doctor and patient. As such, a mutual understanding and awareness of how our bodies heal is essential to the process and a continuous state of learning will occur in our office. When we learn, we heal and to keep healing, we must keep learning. Learning should never end.

4.  Trust and Simplicity

Our practice focus is on You and helping to regain the life you deserve. To that end, we are committed to specific promises to you:

  • We will listen to you and why you are seeking care
  • We will always be honest and truthful about your health and needs
  • We will make getting the care you need stress-free and affordable
  • We will honor and value your time by being efficient and on-time
  • We will always give our very best and keep your needs above our own
  • We will maintain a faith-filled healing environment and pray for you
  • We will always live congruently with our health and wellness recommendations and walk with you on the journey


5.  Family Wellness

The health of our society is dependent upon the health of our families. We strive daily to create an environment where entire families can regain and maintain optimal health in an efficient and affordable way and experience a healthy nervous system. It is particularly inspiring to share the chiropractic lifestyle with children and witness how a child’s future is positively changed through each gentle adjustment. This occurs when proper nerve flow is traveling to every cell, tissue and organ in their bodies. Along with adjustments, counseling on proper diet, exercise, proper sleep and posture, you can raise a healthy child whose body is structurally and functionally sound. Children also learn great drug-free health habits at an early age, which will be invaluable to him or her as an adult. We are dedicated to helping your entire family live happy and healthy lives and offering a solid foundation for wellness.

6.  Life Fully Lived

Life is too short to spend what precious time we do have in pain and suffering. When we courageously choose new lives of health and wellness and regain the activities and pursuits we love, our lives become incredibly rich again. St. Irenaeus wrote, “The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive!” A full life includes all areas of the human experience: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A healthy nervous system holds the key to getting back the life you deserve.

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