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What is subluxation?

You are as old as your Spine
…choose to get younger today!

People start Chiropractic for many different reasons, however, our primary goal is not simply to alleviate your pain or symptoms. Instead, we strive to ensure that your nervous system, which is your body’s “Information Superhighway”, is able to relay the vital nerve messages back and forth between your body and brain. This is paramount if you want to be healthy because your nervous system, which is housed within the spine, controls and coordinates all the parts and every function of your body. These vital nerve messages are responsible for ALL healing, repair and regeneration within your body. Your current level of health and your current quality of life are merely a by-product of the quality of your spine and the nerve messages traveling through it. Quite simply, “You’re as old as your spine!”

Take a moment to study this chart and discover the connection of the nervous system to the various symptoms and body signals you may be experiencing.

What is Vertebral Subluxation?

Vertebral Subluxation is a condition in the spine and nervous system that robs you of your quality of life and prevents you from ever experiencing optimal health. A Subluxation is an area of the spine that has misaligned or shifted away from its normal healthy position and loses its ability to properly move. This places harmful pressure and stress on your nervous system and results in an interruption to the vital nerve messages that run your entire body. This interruption inhibits your body’s ability to heal itself and, over time, manifests itself into serious illness and disease. Virtually every health problem seen today in millions of suffering people, can be traced back to Subluxation and the resultant breakdown somewhere in their nervous system.

Vertebral Subluxation is caused by Emotional, Chemical and Physical stresses in your environment that overwhelm your body’s defenses. Today’s lifestyle, with its combination of various stresses, has the potential more than ever to weaken the body’s defenses and compromise your nervous system.

In a perfect world, our spines should have been maintained since birth. Today, most people have never had their spine and nervous systems regularly checked, (the average age for a first time Chiropractic patient is 32). Because of this sad reality, a person can have Subluxation for months or even years without knowing it. Upon discovering Chiropractic and beginning to receive the benefits of a healthy nervous system, many of our patients reflect back over their “pre-chiropractic” lifetimes and realize they have been missing true quality of life for all these years. They wish somebody would have told them about Chiropractic years sooner.

This is an x-ray of a normal cervical (neck) curve. This curve is absolutely crucial to the health of your nervous system and entire body. Upon visiting Dr. Norman, we will take a similar picture of your spine to examine if you have Subluxation present in your spine or not. This is an example of a Subluxated neck. You will notice that there is no curve as compared to the picture you see on the left. This represents a severe problem in the spine that will negatively affect your entire body. However, this condition called Subluxation is correctable, and that is Dr. Norman’s area of expertise.

Normal Xray

Normal Xray


Abnormal Xray

Abnormal Xray

Your Posture is the Window to Your Spine and Nervous System!

You can’t “feel” Vertebral Subluxation. You feel only its effects. Pain is the last thing to show up after many months or years of health decline. All too frequently, by the time pain finally does show up, the spine already has permanent deterioration and damage. So, what is one of the best early warning signs of Subluxation?

Your posture is like a window to your health; your current health as well as a predictor of your future health. Today’s science and research has taught us what the ideal position for your posture and spine should be. This ideal position of your spine includes precise curves, like those pictured above, in your neck and back which measure approximately 60 degrees in measurement. Science has always recognized that a 60 degree curve, (we call it an “Arc of Life”), similar to what is used to build bridges, has the amazing ability to evenly distribute the forces of gravity throughout the curve. This “Arc of Life” perfectly protects the bones and discs from the destructive forces of gravity and allows your bones to now age normally! As the bones and discs are now protected because of this ideal position, the harmful stresses upon the nervous system are minimized, and maximum nerve flow is now allowed to travel to all the organs of the body. Dr. Norman specializes in helping your spine return to proper position and teaching you to maintain it for life!

The life-changing principles of Chiropractic are simple:

  • Your nervous system controls everything, even life itself.
  • You’re as old as your spine.
  • Your structure determines your function.
  • Your quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of your spine.
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